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Srirangam is a beautiful island surrounded by river Cauvery and Kollidam (tributary of Cauvery). Its length is about 8 miles and 4 miles in breadth. The population of Srirangam is about 50 thousands. It is 7 km from Trichy junction and it also has a railway station. The island town is surrounded by 7 walls. Sri Renganatha swami temple is one of the famous vaishnavite temples in India. There are 21 gopurams, the rajagopuram (principal tower) is largest gopuram in south India.  The 72m high, 13-tiered gopuram (towers) was built  in 1987 and dominates the landscape for miles  around,  while  the  remaining  20
gopurams were built, between the 14th and 17th centuries.

Srirangam is a holy place. Importantly for vaishnavates, because, their God Vishnu is in the name of “Renganathar” in a sleeping posture (called Anantha sayanam), which could not be seen any where else like this. Srirangam has got importance because of Renganathar temple. The Geographic location of this island between Rivers cauvery and kolidam is also a reason. There is a flower market in this place called as “sathara veedhi” from where flowers and Garlands are exported to various foreign countries.

A Garden which grows mangoes is also here. The name of that is “Thatha Chariyar Gardens”. They export tons of mangoes every year. There are totally five matriculation schools, Three Government aided schools and six primary schools providing an excellent education. This place is famous for Residential apartments. There are more than five hundred apartments in this place. Bus services are available round the clock to reach srirangam. Numerous taverns and inns are here to accommodate large number of tourists. Three art galleries are present where; people forget themselves in the beauty of antiques and crafts.

Srirangam Weather Today

Day 38°C
Tonight 22°C
Day: Mostly Sunny

Night: Mostly Clear

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Srirangam Information
Srirangam Railway Enquery 0431-2432244
Srirangam to Chennai 315 km
Srirangam Government Hospital 0431-2432227
Srirangam Fire Service 0431-2432300
Srirangam Temple 0431-2432246
Srirangam Electricity Board 0431-2432263
Srirangam Trichy weather Today
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Srirangam Photo
Srirangam Renganathar Dasegar
Srirangam Renganathar
Srirangam Dasegar
Srirangam Raja goparam Temple Horse
Srirangam Rajagopuram
Srirangam Temple Horse
singaparumal  temple light festival singa parumal temple light festival chakara
Srirangam Singa Perumal Temple Laksha Deepam (Lakhs Light) (Sangu) Date: 19 - Nov - 2006
Srirangam Singa Perumal Temple Laksha Deepam (Lakhs Light) (Chakra)  Date: 19 - Nov - 2006
Srirangam Garudalvar Renganathar Annam Vaganam
Srirangam Garudalvar
Renganathar Annam Vaganam
Srirangam Thani Thar Srirangam Thani Thar
Srirangam Thai Thar (Car Festival) Srirangam Thai Thar (Car Festival)
Srirangam renganathar and Garudalvar
Srirangam renganathar Karpaga Viruchagam
Srirangam Pangune Festival (27-Mar-2007)
Srirangam Pangune Festival (28-Mar-2007)
Srirangam renganathar Poo Pallaku
Srirangam Car Festival
Srirangam Pangune Festival (30-Mar-2007)
Srirangam Car Festival (02-apr-2007)
Krishnar Srirangam Pot breaking festival
Srirangam Krishnar (Pot Breaking Festival)
Srirangam Vuriyadi festival (Pot Breaking Festival)
Srirangam Renganathar yanai vaganam Renganathar thayar
Srirangam Elephant Vagana(21-april-2009) Sriranagm Renganathar thayar(22-april-2009)
Srirangam Renganathar vaigunda yegadase Srirangam Temple elephant
Srirangam Renganathar
Srirangam Temple Elephant

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