Temples around srirangam


Distance from trichy 18- km. Situated on Trichy salem Road near a Tourist spot called Mukkambu. The deity of this temple is called ‘Prasana Venkateshwara”- who is a sculptural form of Lord Vishnu.

The God Venkateshwara Residing here is Believed to have the powers of curing mentally Retarded people. So, people visit this place to have a good mental health and satisfaction. An important vaishnavate temple.


Situated on Trichy- Thuraiyur road at a distance of 15 km form trichy. The name of Lord Vishnu seen here is called as pundarikasha perumal. One among 108 Divya desams of vaishnavates. An important temple.

Uthmar koil

Situated in the way towards salem form trichy. Only Temple where the three gods of hindu mythology namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are seen.
As Gods are seen united here the devotees get boons as they wish.


An important Sakthi temple located at a distance of 16 km, from Trichy on Chennai highway. The Goddess mariamman seen here is very powerful. Every year a function called “Poochoridhal” is celebrated for this Shakthi in the month of chithirai when tons of flowers are showered on the goddess all over a day.


Situated, at a distance of 6 km from trichy. An important Shiva temple. The name of god Shiva is called jambukeshwara and the goddess here is called as akilandeswari .An important temple among the jyothir linga stalams(temples) of India. As shiva is called as the lord of nature, the god here is in the form of water called appulingam(water state).the linga form of shiva here is partly submerged in water. Underneath the lingam (statue) a holy spring is seen from which water keeps coming always. a notable place for sculptural beauty.